General physician and Medicine

General physician and Medicine

The department of Internal Medicine manages all aspects of healthcare services (24/7) by expert certified doctors, residents, internist and staff. It includes
• Various Procedures
• Lab Investigations
• Preventive screening services
Internal Medicine department covers general illness, chronic medical diseases and emergency services.

The Department of General Physicians and Internal Medicine here at Himagiri Hospitals is one of the finest facilities of its kind in Hyderabad and offers outpatient & inpatient services and 24X7 emergency care service with an emphasis on personalized care. The outpatient department provides expert medical care for patients with communicable, as well as non-communicable diseases. The inpatients are given specialized medical attention to ensure minimal hospital stay and stringent safety measures are taken in the patient care areas to prevent nosocomial infections. The team is comprised of experienced Doctors, Nurses and Ancillary staff who provide holistic treatment to patients, with an optimal, evidence-based approach. The department provides comprehensive medical care to patients.

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