General Surgery & Laparoscopic Surgery

The department of General Surgery at Himagiri Hospitals is well known for its expertise to effectively handle all kinds of surgical procedures and emergencies ranging from simple debridement to complicated open/ laparoscopic surgeries.

Built-in with an efficient team of General surgeons, Anesthesiologists we also have a well-trained Nursing staff that is capable of providing sincere patient care before, during and after the surgery.

Some of the surgical procedures performed by us include:

-OP procedures: Pus drainage, Nail removal, Corn management, Sebaceous   cyst/lipoma/papilloma/fibroma excision, wound dressings, Suturing…

-Day care procedures: Laparoscopic Surgeries( Appendicectomy, Hernia repair, Cholecystectomy )

Thyroid surgeries, Breast lump, Large lumps over the body, Lymphnode Biopsy

Inguinal hernia, Umbilical hernia, Hydrocele, Circumcision .

-Minimally invasive surgery/ Open surgery for Varicose veins, Varicocele

-Laser and Open techniques for Fistula in ano, Fissure in ano, Piles/Hemorrhoids, Pilonidal sinus.

-Major Surgeries: Complicated abdominal surgeries including Intestinal Obstruction, Perforation peritonitis, Bowel resection and anastomosis, Ileostomy &Colostomy, Incisional hernia.

-Trauma Care: Conservative and surgical management for Abdominal, Chest &Limb injuries including major procedures like Splenectomy, Bowel resection…

Our team always work towards applying advanced, minimally invasive techniques to ensure faster recovery with lesser chances of complications.

We have fully-equipped Intensive surgical care units and state of the art diagnostic and technical facilities. We also offer Inpatient, Outpatient, 24/7 Diagnostic services, Radiology and Emergency care.